HCG DIET DROPS,i hope will work,so i can get down to my target weight.then summer tummy tuck !

29 Mar

I was never as heavy as i am now.even if most are like wow your 260! LOL I laugh and say yea,so what lol

but i want to lose now first weight loss battle is for the “first 30 pounds'”i call this with the help of HCG Phase 1.

or P1, i know i m goin to do it,not always confident but i m wit great support from few friends on and off net.

plus fiancee,supportive tarik,of my weight struggle now to lose (long term goal)with tummy tuck help to top it off!

i am trying to lose and will do so with HCG,help about 30 pounds first,”best to make small goal my dr.told me”who agree:

HCG Morgan do work so use it,but b careful “NOT TO LOSE SO MUCH TOO FAST!” i am so happy to hear even from dr. it work

but i just want to b skinnier.,not thin but to fit in my bikini again(have not since 2 years now)and also want to remain curvy and health is first,but also fit just right way-into the clothing again.I can’t wait.

and i will be making updates to my blog to really see as i am being told HCG Work,as i am being told by dr. and my friend tara mills,it do work,tara lost ALOT go see her anytime at facebook.com under her name she tara mills,and on my page under my name morgan farantino-clark !

i am expecting to start officially saturday and weigh-in,

1st time- will be 2 to 3 days later,then every 7 days. i will be posting to keep track LIVE online of my weight journey,and i am

looking forward to accomplishing this for me,and to stay healthy overall and fit into my clothing the right way again been a long time. 2 years.God bless you all on your tummy tuck,LIPO and HCG journey.

from morgan.


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