Why i started my 3rd blog on net,called Sexi Flat Stomach Certified 2012!

29 Mar

weight loss-journey,i krept-up 2 my highest weight.Now ready 2 try a new product,to get from my highest BIG weight!LOL down to my Bikini-weight size again,or hell just even low-kut waist sexy cute jeans.LOL

i also like helping kids,foster children get
to have peace in life ,
after cps took them away from a great home.

I volunteer with a great org.and they called bellas(read more over at the FB)under my name of Morgan Farantino-Clark.
Love watch my soap opera General Hospital
as i am now trying to lose alot of weight,
goal is first
to lose with a new product,a friend of mine use.
Her name of FB,is tara mills,she lost
50 or more Pds, within six short months,
and been keeping it off,then another 80.she look great,and i am now trying it soon on saturday! called the HCG drops, Diet. i know it is RAPID-extra super fast!
(weight loss)but i c tara lost alot weight,and so
many others, i m SO READY for it,and i hope to
meet few others,read commentary from other
men/women both whose battling weight,but by the USE OF HCG,and’other’HCG related fast
and safe,weight loss,other people losing weight
as my friend tara mills did,and or whose also got
Plastic Surgery afterward,as i m going to do with
a New Flat”Certified”Sexi Stomach maybe a tt,
which mean TUMMY TUCK!
i want this again,i had raise my kids,grown now
19,23 years old.son and daughter,and next is my
lil boy,growing up,he my baby.Joshua he now 15.
so time for me to focus again on me,the weight
and i am looking into after dropping fast weight
in a HEALTHY WAY! Sexi,flat stomach tummy
tuck,OR LIPO,and going to see about maybe
more surgery,but right now weight loss to my
healthy goal weight,and tummy tuck afterward.

and also i can be reach on another forum i do
moderating on.
Fast Weight loss Online at the Weight Loss Center


One Response to “Why i started my 3rd blog on net,called Sexi Flat Stomach Certified 2012!”

  1. Lauren St John April 3, 2012 at 1:09 am #

    Morgan,read about you doin the weight loss kick with HCG,that is great and best of luck.
    i myself been up and down with weight.so now i am again, trying to lose some weight,

    by summer,and after summer, actually i was thinking about just getting lipo done on my waist,area,make it smaller,then keep losing with either weight watcher’s or nutri system,so pm me anytime on facebook. under Lauren St.John,full name.very nice blog and i wish you best of luck i hear great things too bout HCG,but i can’t afford it either from dr. prescription(which is best i hear)or on line drops for the “real hcg”but got a full membership with WW,and NS,they pretty much tap me out,but also applying for credit to get lipo,to aid me in the body i want! and deserve.

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